Storm Chasing

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Depending upon who you ask, the weather is one of the greatest or the worst things about living here in central Oklahoma.  I have been chasing storms in some capacity here for over 15 years, and I’ll tell you that there are few places on earth where you can experience the variation in weather that we have here.  Our severe weather season is ripe with opportunities to chase and film massive tornadic mesocyclones… Sometimes without even leaving the house!  Many people have asked “Who” I chase for, or if I get paid for chasing.  I am an independent storm chaser, and I do not work directly for any news organization, but I do report on storms through the spotter network and  the National Weather Service.  I film and photograph storms and damage and submit my images and video to news organizations in order to help them warn viewers or report on damage and impact. I have had footage featured on ABC news and The Weather Channel.  I do not get paid for chasing, but the licensing for videos and prints and donations from online viewers help offset the cost of fuel and gear.